Bespoke: a custom made article, for an individual client with patterns cut from scratch.

The bespoke process is about you: your life. What do you want for your bag?

Do you need a rugged carry-on on your trips to exotic paradises abroad? A clean backpack for your trek across Europe? An easily packable duffle for the diner-grease soaked road trips across the country, or the simplicity of an uncompromising tote on your Monday to Friday commute? Are you a young, hungry professional looking for a briefcase that announces your arrival or a gym rat who needs a bag as reliable as their weight belt?

I need to understand the requirements of your life. Who are you? Where do you go day-to-day? Where do you want to go? What would you take with you? 

What would you bring back?

The questionnaire below helps me to learn more about you before we meet. Filling it out will also help you to think about the overall design and function of your bag.

It is also possible to fill out the questionnaire together through text, phone, or in person; but, at some point, it will be necessary to meet and discuss the design. 

Meetings usually take place over cups of coffee or tea, (beer, wine, or cigars are suitable replacements depending on the hour).  We’ll share a few laughs and determine the design. 

Once a design is agreed upon and a deposit is made, prototype production begins. The prototype is used by the client for a designated time of time to determine whether the bag suits the client’s needs and if changes need to be made. Once the final design is finalized, a second deposit is due and final production begins.  The remaining balance is due upon delivery of the bag. Costs for bespoke work can vary depending on changes made to the design, so quotes are estimates only. 

The following cost breakdown.

  1. Upon agreement of design/quote (25% cost due)

  2. Prototype delivery   (no cost due)

  3. Prototype return and design modification (25% cost due)

  4. Final product delivered (balance due*)

*Due to variation in design/labor, costs can differ slightly from initial quote. Client will be given prior notice before product delivery.