Randell Baldonado

My name is Randell; I make bags at Skive Leather. Skiving is a leather working term: to pare leather down and reduce its thickness and bulk; to remove its excess.

I wanted Skive Leather to have a flatter organizational structure, without the bulk of mass factory production, the inflation of multi-tiered distribution channels, or the hype of marketing without merit.  I wanted to cut the BS.  I wanted something genuine: of soul and individuality.

I am Skive Leather: a callous-handed Canadian artisan making bags: cutting, punching, and stitching bags by hand, without the use of electricity or heavy machinery. 

I work with individual clients and create bespoke pieces that are tailored to the needs of a single person.  I build one-of- a-kind pieces in collaboration with each of my clients on a one-on-one basis, to create the bags they've imagined and ensure they fit their individual tastes and needs.  I believe in the importance of honest communication with my clients and strive to create meaningful connections with them that are as honest and long lasting as the leather I use.  It is my hope that, just as animal hides are scarred by their own lives, and my hands are calloused by the efforts of my life, my bags are marked by the lives of those who carry them.