My name is Randell. I'll be making your bag.

I grew up in Winnipeg's North-West suburbs and spent most of my life here.  I developed a taste for fashion and fine things, at a time when I had neither.  It eventually lead to a hunger for design, textiles, materials, and construction.  Weekly family visits to my grandparents' West-end home lead to my grandfather's on-going lessons in basic machine sewing and pattern making.  I wanted to explore other materials and began dabbling with more luxurious fabrics and textures: tropical wool, silk velvet, and cashmere-angora blends.  As much as I enjoyed the dappery and luxury, Winnipeg's hard-wearing nature required something more durable.  I wanted something robust.  Something lively.  something as utilitarian as 20 oz cotton canvas.  Something with character that would age as beautifully as an old pair of raw jeans: fades, tears, rips and all.  I wanted, something: more.



I started off sewing delicate things with fine-garment leather, but something was missing.  I took courses in leather work and found the simplicity and tradition of awls, needles, knives, and hides to be more tactile and warm than the motor of my Pfaff sewing machine or its metal bobbins.  I found something meaningful in the experience: a tradition, to do
something in a way, relatively unchanged, for generations.  There was something honest and true about the experience, sewing something without electricity, making something with just the skill and strength of my hands.  I found myself making more and more articles without any particular aim other than to create beautiful bags and improve my skills.  I soon had a house full of bags.  Selling them seemed like the the next logical progression in my story.  I've build a modest business with the intent of servicing a small group of clients with leather bags made to the best of my ability.  I'd like to think that I get to share my experience and story with all of those who own one of my bags.
My bags are symbols, just like the cigars I share with friends, scotch with family, coffee with budding aquaintances, and laughs with those who mean the most to me.  My bags are symbols of our shared experience.  I hope you enjoy owning one as much as I have had making it for you. 

Whoever you are, Wherever you're going, Whatever it is you're taking with you; I hope my bags serve you well. 

I've had a good journey; I wish you the same.